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How does Tinder actually work?

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As this Quora thread explains, the first profiles we see when we open Tinder are not random or in order of proximity. There's something much. "The number of matches you get on Tinder is going to be a direct result of your first profile photo. A person has to physically click that photo to. This one woman told her story on Quora, and it almost puts Tinder in a therapeutic light. After her long-term boyfriend broke up with her, and to.:

This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else. Tinder is usually a platform believed to be, for those, looking for hookups or relationships that come with no baggage and strings. You swipe right, you talk, exchange numbers, and if things go forward, good for you. Else, you move on to the next person. But a few have managed to find true love, too.