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Google Books. Old West Surrey , chapt. It is also used to describe a potentially volatile or violent situation. In conventional usage, the term "tinderbox" refers to something that is so dry that it could catch on fire with the slightest provocation, perhaps even spontaneously like a forest fire. Another book from describes such a tinderbox, [10] observing that the wear patterns on the flint were the same as those on ancient prehistoric flints in the collection. Close up of a tinderbox Tinderboxes are tools used to ignite light-sources such as wax candles, torches, lamps and fires in Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: Justine Tinderboxes can be found all around Castle Brennenburg , but they are usually found in chests and drawers, or on the floor. The free dictionary.

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A tinderbox is a container made of wood or metal containing flintfiresteeland tinder typically charclothbut possibly a tinderbox wiki quantity of dry, finely divided fibrous matter such as hempused together to help kindle a fire. Throughout prehistoric Tinderbox wiki flint and iron pyrites commonly known as fool's gold were struck against one another in order to create a spark for firelighting. They might also contain sulfur-tipped matches. William Parkes, tinderbox wiki. Namespaces Article Talk, tinderbox wiki. In the early 19th century a more efficient tinderbox was invented with a rotating metal wheel to create the sparks [4] and there were other more experimental devices available, such as the fire piston and the instantaneous light box. Next...

A tinderbox is a container with the essential tools to make a fire. Tinderbox may also refer to: Entertainment[edit]. Tinderbox a album by Siouxsie & the. The tinderbox is a tool used primarily for lighting fires using the Firemaking skill and lighting light sources such as candles and lanterns. It can be stored on the. Tinderbox. Tinderbox isn't maintained anymore. It has been replaced by Treeherder. REDIRECT EngineeringProductivity/Projects/Treeherder. Retrieved from.:

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