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It lets you have different notebooks, and each one can have as many tabs as you need. Avoid like the plague. B Finder Tags which Devonthink can handle. I've been using EagleFiler on the Mac for years, with some custom synch scripts based around ChronoSync and a portable hard disk I carry with me :- for synchronising things between my home and work Macs. But although I couldn't live without them, I don't consider them in the note taker class; they are more like Finder substitutes. Unless you are up to the price, I see no reason to choose eagleFiler over Devonthink.

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I tinderbox vs devonthink it for meeting notes primarily. The revamp for iOS 9 has been brilliant, and it syncs so well across devices that it really is a "It just works" solution. So far I'm finding that the newest versions of Notbooks decided to upgrade this week are meeting my needs for a CP replacement. The developer is a good guy who is very accessible. XML is not the issue, tinderbox vs devonthink. Thanks everyone! Next...

I first heard about DevonThink in the same breath as Tinderbox. They go together , though they serve different purposes. Some people want to. Hi Joe & Wilson: I hear many good things about DEVONthink, and you can store A frequent update schedule; some great integration with Tinderbox (minority. Do you use Tinderbox and DEVONthink? We're working on some interesting ways to make these programs cooperate even more smoothly.:

I capture notes in an analog notebook that I take with me everywhere I go. I use a timer to complete tasks in minute chunks to prevent procrastination. Lamy Safari. Pomodoro Technique. Binaural App. I've been using Ryder's system since Right now, I carry a Lamy Safari with an extra fine nib on my shirt collar so I always have a pen with me.