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Amnesia: Collection Walkthrough

Head into the door labelled Guest Room. Look at the rod machine. Head into the torture room. This cannot be avoided and must happen in order to progress. Spam it or throw something at it and it will break open. Go straight into food storage and stay on the left side here. Head forward all the way until you reach the corner.

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Just to confirm: tinderbox locations many years I have used TBX without any crashing or conflict issues this way:. You should try and scavenge for as many tinderboxes and oil as you can. Strongly recommend at least one playthrough before doing this, tinderbox locations. Use the acid on the residue and head into the Refinery. Within these pages, tinderbox locations, you'll discover a wealth of information on our favorite pastime. Once at the bottom, head in the second room on the right. Next...

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