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Simple rules and agents let documents help organize themselves. Look at the fascinating user screencasts, or drop by the Tinderbox Forum. Some users of Tinderbox talk about how wonderful the Attributes Browser is, but I never found it useful at all. Categories Argument mapping Concept mapping software Mind mapping software Visual thinking Knowledge representation List. And I am far from being against Tinderbox. I hear the siren call, but I am rather reluctant to risk another heavy defeat.

Tinderbox 8.0.1. About.

Writers and journalists find Tinderbox invaluable for research, world-building, sourcing, and plot construction. Share this: Share Twitter. I still think that the entry cost in terms of tinderbox 8, not finances is quite high, and the temptation to use it for things that could be accomplished by simpler more focused applications is a mistake that can lead to tinderbox 8. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Here, a writing project displays key productivity statistics and progress milestones, automatically gathered from the rest of the document. For my modestly-linked documents, Hyperbolic View gives clarity to link structure which I already see becoming invaluable. In Tinderbox 7, this did creak occasionally, although never enough to annoy. Next...

Eventbrite - Road2Par, LLC presents 4th Annual Tinderbox Waldorf Golf Classic - Saturday, September 7, at Lake Mon, Oct 14 AM. DuBos, “Blood, Moans,” 1; Delery to author, July 8, DuBos, “A Front-Row View,” 23; DuBos, “Blood, Moans,” 1; Lind, Thomas, and Philbin, “Twenty-Nine. One of the few apps that I still use frequently, and have used since version in Mac OS X , Tinderbox has just been upgraded to version.:

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