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Stock will not be allocated until the application has been completed and the deposit has been received. Which option is HBSP ? Will this fit shimano slx m This service is FREE of charge for all orders. Order by 3pm Friday for Saturday delivery. Order by 3pm Saturday for Sunday delivery.

Shimano to Avid Matchmaker?. About.

Unavailable at this store. Full Price Match terms and conditions, matchmaker xt. Our webteam have been notified to have the script edited to show the Shimano stock. Home delivery orders, paid with finance, can only be shipped to the address used in matchmaker xt finance application. You will receive a confirmation email shortly. Please confirm your delivery country and currency. Option selected:Suitable for height: Suitable for ages: Price:. Next...

I prefer sram shifting but like the XT brakes that came on my new bike. yep, I had the same experience with both the matchmaker and the. It was designed as an answer to SRAM's popular MatchMaker, system For XTR M and recently launched XT M, there is a third. HOPE pair Matchmaker HBSP Shimano XT / SAINT RACE for HOPE at unbeatable price! Hope Brakes Spares - Lowest Prices - Secure.:

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