Match-Maker Ventures Company Presentation (Asia v1)-Sites 2019

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Ok, so you'll start. At the first look everything could be clear, but actually the sense is another one. Circle Minimized risk exposure Our engagement approach does not require a separate program, a separate investment vehicle or large upfront investments - we are ready to start. Why do we need a technology beyond Blockchain to realize this vision but how decentralized distributed ledger could be used to participate in this new machine economy? Jakub leads Giant Lazer, a software studio focused on immersive tech and smartglass applications. His research focuses on efficient and secure Internet communication. Subscription businesses like Copper, Crazy Egg and SparkPost automatically reduce cancellations and drive sustainable growth with new SaaS solution.

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Blok creates the best home selling experience Blok automates home sales with a streamlined web service that empowers home owners to sell their home themselves and renders traditional realtors redundant. Thank you! Regine Haschka-Helmer Advisor to. We sharpen your value proposition and jointly develop an actionable sales plan. Fricke CEO Founder. Touching Innovations. The new funding is provided by a matchmaker ventures gmbh which includes exist [ Next...

Aug 2, 2. Finding Suitable Collaboration Partners: Startup Matchmaking Venture Development / Spinoff. We support you in Ambi-Vation GmbH. Report on the ECSO Business Matchmaking events across Europe // May 1. May Report on the . Hasso Plattner Ventures GP GmbH. Corporate Innovation Services. We help you to define the optimal engagement.:

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