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Karachi, Pakistan. 25 Aug URGENT RISHTA NEED FOR BRIDE FROM KARACHI. 0 24 Nov Match Making Services Provider For Girls. 0. Marriage Bureau Name: Match Makers; Contact Person Name: Aaina Khan; Country: Pakistan. City: Karachi; Location: Block 14, fadril b area; Contact: . Created Profile By Mrs Saddiqui Marriage Bureau 2 Sect, Caste:: Sunni, Siddiqui; Education:: BCom; Occupation:: Not working; Location:: Karachi, Pakistan.:

Getting married is one of its kind experiences in a person's life and its start with scrutiny of perfect proposal. There are multiple ways to find that special one who would change not only person's life, but all around them. Match makers and marriage bureaus can definitely match you wit your soul mate and find you a partner that you have always dream of.. Scene On Hai believes in the magic of match made in heaven, being the cupid of your life we have listed some matchmakers that can help you find your "happily ever after. Presenting Personalized Match-making at your convenience, we offer an extensive range of choices based on your very own vision of a spouse -- making it easy for you to meet people worth spending your time with.