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Steel Used with my XT shifters m , it solves the problem of the shifter's lever being too far away from my thumbs. Much better than using my old SLX levers which had to be mounted on a bad angle to make them fit. Need help with your order? Many Thanks. Normally, Hope packages their brakes so they are not damaged during transport.

HOPE TECH3 Pair of Matchmaker for Sram Shifters HBSP325. About.

Suggestion box Our retail store Our team. Well made and the fit is nothing short of what you would expect from hope. Choose: Please select Black. Save weight and clutter on the bar with the Hope direct matchmaker hope tech 3 mounts for Tech model brakes. Well done Hope as you have inadvertently solved my mounting problem for me. Before I was always catching my thumb on the shifter, now the shifter is way clear of the thumb, should have got these years ago. Next...

Mount: clamp (split) (Matchmaker compatible) Design: right side (only), 1 x Hope Tech 3 E4 disc brake, filled and bled (front or rear) - incl. mounting material. All Tech and Race master cylinders can be fitted with Hope's aftermarket, direct mount shifter clamps. Tidy your bars up with these neat, CNC machined. HOPE Matchmaker Tech3 brake for Sram trigger shifter With the Matchmaker Tech3 Sram trigger / brake levers can be mounted on the handlebar to save space.:

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