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Again and again, the humour falls flat as characters treat Vandergelder and the things of his class with impertinence and manipulation, because these transgressions do not feel like risks. Set in the s, the story is about Dolly Gallagher Levi, who is pretending to find a bride for Horace Vandergelder, a wealthy merchant from Yonkers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Political Megaphone. Prev Next. Ric Reid fills Horace with the requisite comic energy but, on opening night, he stumbled on his lines a couple of times off the top—and few things undermine comedy as quickly as uncertainty does.

Theatre review: Good comic acting vs. corny slapstick innocence in The Matchmaker. About.

McLellan, wielding a hand fan, is so deliriously over-the-top that the ceiling of the Stanley seems to lift a couple of feet to accommodate her master class in absurdity. Home Events Arts. Conservatives promise tax cut that they say will address Liberal increases Scheer says the cut would apply to the lowest income bracket. When they enter a millinery shop owned by Mrs, matchmaker arts club. Colin Thomas says:. Events that start matchmaker arts club Next...

The Matchmaker Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage January 24, - February 24, Date: Thursday; January 24, ; Time: P.M.; Find Seats. Arts Club Theatre Company. A not- for-profit registered charity · No. Arts Club Theatre Company. A not-for-profit registered charity · No. RR Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage Granville Island Stage Goldcorp.:

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