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Their roles have been altered slightly to fit in the universe - for instance, Kula is introduced as K''s little sister, and so forth. Mai showing some skin teme sumfin new! Email or Phone. Like many other dating sims, one of the biggest draws is seeing the characters in other outfits - you get to see King in a classy dress, or Mai decked out in full ninja gear, or practically all of them in either swimwear or sailor uniforms. November 17, at AM. The year that most of these games takes place is X. After a set number of days, the game ends, and you're presented with a quiz before you can successfully "win", where you're rewarded with a brief epilogue.

The King of Fighters for Girls has been announced (Otome, Mobile). About.

The first Days of Memories DS release contains chapters one through three; the second release contains chapters four through six. Each kof dating sim takes roles similar to their original counterpart though they have been adjusted slightly to better fit the genre. A compilation of the first three games for the Nintendo DS, entitled Days of Memorieskof dating sim, was made with new graphics and an extra viewing mode. Athena singing at a concert with B. Email or Phone. Some pre-ending final sequences break the fourth wall, with Kula's pre-ending actually displaying joystick commands, in order that the player physically selects the right move for the character, with the bad ending occurring if they are performed incorrectly. This game focuses on characters that specialize in various talents, related to their normal game appearances. Next...

SNK's King of Fighters series is heading to the mobile in an . That game was a dating sim for men but King of Fighters: For Girls will cater to. This game is marketed as a dating game for girls, rather than the normal Character roster is taken from The King of Fighters XI and KOF: Maximum Impact 2. KOF characters are for everyone. Now instead of fighting them, you can soon date them! 🥰 The King of Fighters for Girls, an anime style dating sim featuring your.:

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