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Episode Bumbling Tinder Girl. Young activists in Hong Kong are organizing protests on dating platform Tinder, among other social media platforms. Aisling reminds us how superficial the Tinder app can be however; some people do find love on Tinder. In doing this I hope to illustrate that I do not meet up with every match, nor do I meet up with matches who seem like assholes. Around my neck and shoulders, my midriff, around my legs. I do not think I will meet my person over these apps.

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I was confused. Youth Tinder China. Sonalie Figueiras posts. I had bought a fancy corset and a new coat and was feeling ready to rock. Please visit my Patreon page if you would like to sponsor the production of Hong Kong Confidential Podcast. Skip links Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Is tinder in hong kong 'Enter' to search. Was it just fear? Next...

Everybody's on dating apps these days and Hong Kong has several to This app works very much like Tinder, with a couple of exceptions. It's hard to find the right person. It's even harder when it seems like the world world is one giant hook-up pool. But there are people out there who are looking for. Suzy was a girl I met in Beijing through Tinder. hotels, and recently switched from a Hong Kong owned franchise to a big international chain.:

While the Arab Spring in went down in history as the "Facebook revolution", the ongoing protests in Hong Kong could become the first ever Tinder revolution. Young protesters in Hong Kong are increasingly turning to the dating platform Tinder to help organize demonstrations against the Chinese government. On a Saturday night in Mong Kok, in the "protest-zone" and downtown district of Hong Kong, we met Kim, a year-old who has been taking part in the recent protests with her friends. Kim fears that China will eventually take control of Hong Kong's "free youth", so in a bid to stop this from happening, she does everything she can to persuade others to protest with her. Read more: Chinese armed police are drilling at a stadium outside Hong Kong in a 'clear warning' to protesters. This includes recruitment on Tinder.