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This 'do not date my daughter' bumper sticker has a twist ending. Twitter is obsessed.

No customer reviews. Her closeted gay dad! My absolute favorite thing to do while driving is trying to read the bumper stickers on the car in front of me. Make her aware of the beautiful image of womanhood painted by the Creator. You can still get the rolled cuffed sleeved look by simply rolling them up!

How to Deal With Your Daughter's Boyfriend That You Don't Like. About.

I still haven't started trusting him completly since. Girls frequently battles insecurity over a number of issues: their weight, their looks, their friends. Unisex Adult. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Apply to join Amazon Handmade. Next...

Dating, Daughter, and Think: This bumper sticker threw me for a loop the Chesapeaie DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT DATING MY DON'T EVEN. I asked for prompts a while back and then totally failed to write anything with a photo of a bumper sticker saying: "Don't even think about dating my daughter!. Don't even THINK about dating my daughter! Think about dating me her closeted gay dad! A bumper sticker for your truck or laptop. Made with good intentions.:

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