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4Chan Users Unite To Release A Dating Sim About Girls With Disabilities

Retrieved August 16, The scene ends with Hisao falling off the roof and dying. I'm trying to download it on my Mac which has all the current updates. And that's about it. I can see people going for the "normal" girl and other people being all "Oh, figures everyone is going to go for the normal girl". That ending for Emi you came up with sounds pretty good, actually. On an unrelated note

You think you know dating sims, but you haven't seen these. About.

I quickly googled that and came across a site named Bit Torrent or something or another, dating sim with disabled. I don't think any of the other paths are quite as well written or have quite as interesting a character. Just this. Do you wish you were in better shape, but suffer from a lack of incentive? The dour rich kid, the flirtatious teacher, the bad-boy jock, the mysterious transfer student - they're all here, and they all look like someone grabbed their face and violently pulled downwards. Next...

Jan 4, The game takes place at Yamaku Academy, a fictional school for The Escapist – Disabled Girl Dating Sim Katawa Shoujo Finally Available. Dec 17, Katawa Shoujo is a game I first heard about years ago but that hasn't been discussed on the Destructoid main page. At least, I didn't notice any. Huh. Neat. It's kinda interesting that they'd go this route. I don't think there's many of them in your average date sim/visual novel. It's called.:

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