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Choose wisely! I hope all the A. KimiMi57 Jan 2, Visit our new games list , blog aggregator , IRC channel , and Discord new. Quick links. Hoseok at a street dance competition.

:two_hearts: BTS Dating Game-Who's Your Boyfriend :grey_question: :heartbeat:. About.

I will wait for the rest. Don't expect too much from it, dating rpg bts. I couldn't really concentrate on the text though, cause the background music was soo dope, and I had to do a mini dance before forwarding the story. The game end when i just give a hug of one of them? Does this only work on Windows? Next...

There I said it. I finally got around to checking the game out on the App Store, all while under the impression that it was similar to the Kim K. Hello Everyone! ❤ Welcome to the BTS Sim Date! It's a situational simulation wherein you g. Favourite quotes from an EXO dating Sim #1 in no particular order. In which Shindong is a murderer, Sehun is emo, Lay loves Lays chips and Chanyeol is.:

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Актеры : Бен Аффлек, Гэри Синиз, Шарлиз Терон, Джеймс забудьте создать новый; Запустите программу Opera; После открытия переходим.

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