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Number Days

To get an event at the Arcade, visit the Arcade often, etc. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Ending Masquerader - Fall in love with and hang out with Spencer. When characters expire, they will confess their feelings if you had hung out with them. A way to increase your number is to run from the Ferris Wheel to the Gift Shop a bunch of times.

Number Days Sim Date. About.

When the number on your phone turns to 0, the game will end. Anti-Touch : Sit at both front and back seats at the theater. When you get Happy Points on your phone, tell Arlo you want to stay with him. Name required. Only I observed that the ferris wheel scene came up more date sim number days than the coaster scene. Next...

It's December! And I've miraculously managed to release this game on the 1st ; 7; (seriously, I planned for this to be out way later this month). Number days sim date is a romance stimulation or otherwise a "otome game (a dating sim meant for gir. Play Number Days Sim Date. Talk to guys and discover what happened in a sealed amusement park.:

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