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Blind Date

New Jersey, s. A romantic drama about a brief, unexpected love affair that catches two people completely off-guard. Mar 8, Full Review…. See All Audience Reviews. A cat burglar is forced to steal Da Vinci works of art for a world domination plot. For adults, Blind Date can be guilty-pleasure fun; we roll our eyes at the inanities we see on screen and know that that's not how things work in reality. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

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Learn more about Amazon Prime. Self-doubt fights self-confidence on blind date rating verge of closeness and an otherworldly new destiny emerges in the romantic evening. Ring Smart Home Security Systems. One night they cook the same meal in their respective kitchens, push their tables against the wall, blind date rating, and invite their closest friends to have dinner together. The Real McCoy The Blind Date Closed Caption. Next...

She's a blind date, all right. One glass of of men's suits. It doesn't take much to get her blind. One drink will do it, and it is the misfortune of the hero of "Blind Date " that he gives her that one drink. Rated PG 95 minutes. Blind Date. Aug 19, Action Rating: 5 Arrows. Empowerment Rating: 4 Crowns. Visibility Rating: 5 Stars. An explosion of weapons and wit light the screen. Blind Date. MPAA Rating: PG (Parents Strongly Cautioned) | Closed Caption Three Blind Dates (Dating by Numbers Series Book 1).:

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