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Blind Date (Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément)

Here we have another take on romance. Log in with Facebook. Studio Cine Nomine. View All Photos 1. No Score Yet. He invents puzzles. He calls her "Whosit" Melanie Bernier and they live together without seeing each other or knowing each other's names.

Blind Date (Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément). About.

Parents' Ultimate Guide to On all edit pages t open translation selector. Skip to Content. Carnival Row. Sign up here. Wit- and charm-filled romantic-comedy classic. Next...

He invents puzzles. He's committed body and soul to his work and needs silence to be able to concentrate. She is an accomplished pianist and can't live without. He is an inventor of puzzles. Always investing his heart and soul into his work, he can only concentrate in silence. She is an accomplished pianist who cannot. Blind Date. TV 1h 31mCritically Acclaimed Movies. A passionate pianist and a soulful puzzle maker who treasures silence aren't the best neighbors, but.:

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